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In "Par une belle nuit" two celebrated protagonists of the classical french music scene, mezzo soprano Delphine Haidan and bass Jérôme Varnier allure ther audience to the enchantingly beautiful world of french art song from the creations of Charles Gounod to Gabriel Fauré, Ernest Chausson, Camille St. Saens and Henri Duparc. In the following interview the artists talk about their new concert program. 

K und K Wien: You are both prominent protagonists of the classical French music scene. How did you meet and for which projects have you already worked together?

We met at the Opera School of Paris Opera, and participated in many opera and oratorio concerts together. We had not yet approached French music as a duet.

K und K Wien: When did the idea of "Par une belle nuit“ arise?

When we put together the musical pieces that could match the theme of our program, the title of Gounod's melody appeared to us as obvious.

K und K Wien: How would you describe or define French elements in music?

The history of French melody is marked by "salon" music played in private venues (as opposed to the programs given in concert halls), which produced more intimate works, often for voice and piano, and which conditioning an original, more intimate musical form where poetry mixes with melodic invention. French writers and poets, Verlaine, Hugo, Lamartine, have inspired composers since the beginning of the 19th century.

K und K Wien:  The program contains pieces by Charles Gounod, Gabriel Fauré, Ernest Chausson, Camille St. Saens and Henri Duparc? 
Can you tell us more about the pieces you selected for this program?

Most of the musical pieces selected are great hits in the French music repertoire, particularly Gounod's "Le Soir", St. Saens’ "El Desdichado" and "La Danse macabre", Fauré's "Après un rêve", very well known as opera arias, in which the piano part has been written for a piano soloist.

K und K Wien: Your program is titled with "Par une belle nuit“, the title of a song by Gounod. What can you tell us about the lyrics of the compositions? What role do they play for you?

"Par une belle nuit" (melody of Gounod) seemed to us to correspond to the universe of our duet melodies, by its poetic character, and can evoke the atmosphere of "Liederabend".

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