Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2014

HELLO STAGE - a new music community

In autumn 2013 Bernhard Kerres, former artistic director of the Konzerthaus Vienna, founded a new online platform to connect musicians, promoters and music managers. Responding to the strong need of international communication and networking in the classic concert world it soon became one of the fastest growing music communities. An impressive phenomenon which certainly deserves a closer look.

Founder Bernhard Kerres

"As the internet continues to make the world both bigger and smaller, we have realized: while an online presence helps empower established connections, forging the initial relationship can be overwhelming or frustrating. This is where we come in. " announces CEO Bernhard Kerres on their popular website

HELLO STAGE offers therefore various service packages for professionals of the worldwide music world. Registration and hosting a personalized webpage is free.

Our artists and us have been invited to visit the brand new company's office in Vienna where we were welcomed by the team of HELLO STAGE in order to discover the latest developments and updates on the website. At the same time we were provided with technical advice and recommendations for the efficient online promotion of our artists. An individual service that is regularely offered to all members.

Classic singers, ensembles and solo instrumentalists are facing a big and continuous challenge when it comes to presenting themselves and to gaining an online presence which becomes more and more important day by day. Artistic quality needs to be supported and promoted in order to succeed. It's the first step to reach today's audience.
We believe that personal contacts and experiences will always stay vital and probably most important in the international music business. In other words: We still have to do our job! But as an artist management we were glad to find the new service and professional systhem of HELLO STAGE which we believe is ready to fill a hole in the daily needs of musicians, promoters and managers - and hopefully connect them even more strongly for the future. 

Here is the link and further contact details:

Mariahilfer Strasse 1c/Top II, A-1060 Wien